Saturday, November 21, 2009


I absolutely love and adore Fred & Friend's products.  They are witty, adorable and useful!  Great for parties or gifts, I want to buy everything they create.  Unfortunately, I can't, so I'm sharing some of my favorites here.  Today's topic is ice, so I'm only showing a few of my favorite ice trays, but you'll be seeing tons of Fred products on my blog because I can't help myself.  Ikea also has some awesome ice trays.  I've been using my hearts and stars trays these days which make even the boys go "OOOoohhhHHhh!"

But back to today's topic, ice.  I have a weird love for ice.  Always have, and probably always will.  Ice is versatile.  To me, it is one of my favorite candies, a necessity in all drinks and something I crave and require when I'm drunk or hungover.  Not only does it provide coolness, but is also clear and pretty and you can make fancy sculptures out of it!  Wow wee!  So take a gander at these fabulous ice trays that make me dream of floating pieces of cuteness in my cup o' drank. 

Cool Jewels:  I must have these immediately.  I OMG'ed at my boyfriend for about 10 minutes when I first saw these.  He looked thrilled.  It's OK, his lack of enthusiasm won't deter me!  I already ordered them and am patiently awaiting their arrival!  Come to meeee!  =)

Fossiliced:  Who doesn't like dinosaurs?  Reminds me of my younger days when the American Museum of Natural History was basically my playground.  Ah, good times.  These are so cool and are also on their way into my freezer!  Yippee!

Frozen Smiles:  Because everyone could use an extra laugh.  Even when you're binge drinking...

Gin & Titonic:  Inappropriate?  Ney!  Comes with its own iceberg to crash on and everything!  Can you believe it's been over 12 years since we cried our eyes out listening to Celine Dion and watching handsome Leo slip away into the dark seas of death?  It's definitely time for a drink to commemorate!  To Celine!

Ice Princess:  Because I'm a girl and every girl wants to be a pretty pretty princess!

Cool Jazz:  Making music often requires a cool drink.  Makes cute popsicles too!

Ikea needs some lovin' too!  I'm currently using the yellow star and pink heart trays =)  They have way more shapes at the stores! actually has a variety of ice trays as well, should you feel the obsessive need for ice trays like I do!

And in Japan, they use giant ice balls.  What a fantastic idea!  Most bars will hand carve each ball!  Those wacky Japanese!  If you aren't a skilled master at carving ice balls or just don't want to risk cutting off a finger or two, then buy these MUJI Ice Ball makers!  (apparently you can only get them online or in SoHo, NY but if you need help finding them let me know and I'll put my super internet searching skills to work for you!)


I hope you liked these as much as I do!  These trays obviously are multi-functional.  You can make flavored frozen treats/popsicles, jello shots, or just fun jello jigglers!  Let me know how you use your ice trays!  Cheers!

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