Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready, Set, Paint!

As the year is winding down to an end, I had to dust off my list of New Years resolutions (I have a list of 9) to tally up the scores.  One of them was to paint.  Conveniently, my Secret Santa gave me a certificate for a cute but efficient art supply store (and some fancy chalk for the wall on our back deck...more to come on this creative tradition shared by a talented pack of Norwegian folk I love dearly), and I am proud to say that I have successfully achieved at least one of my resolutions!  Sadly, another one of my resolutions was to be nicer to my boyfriend but I don't know if I've accomplished that.  I think the verdict is still out (oopsies!).  But I digress...Back to the painting....So my ultimate dream is to do pet portraits like these (Chris Galligan is a talented artist I really like.  A very generous friend commissioned a painting for me by Chris of my beast, the love of my life Toby, aka Tobesters, Toes, BoBoThe Toberizer, The Handsome One, or more affectionately known as "that fat piece o' shit ate my [fill in the blank with anything that may have possibly touched food at some point]"...But I digress again.  I'll have to do a separate posting of both pet portraits and Toby!).  I want to do these pet portraits because I love animals and I think they just brighten up our lives.  Plus I get the benefit of looking at adorableness while attempting to portray said adorableness with a flair of Ninja!  But it'll be awhile until I have the skills to pull that dream off, so the short term goal is to get better and faster at painting so I can give each person I love and care about a painting uniquely tailored with something that I associate them with.  It should be a fun project!  I am starting off with cheap acrylics and basic studio canvases.  But my most exciting find, and today's topic, is this AWESOME easel I got that folds and is super easy to adjust.  I like to paint while sitting on the floor, and this easel adjusts to my finicky painting ways allowing me to set the canvas at any angle! You can use it on the floor, table top, standing, sitting, tilted...all in one click!  LOVE IT!  I suppose for a legit artist, wooden H framed easels would be more ideal, but for an amateur like myself with no actual studio and hardly any work space, or for the artist on the go, this is seriously perfect!  So if you've been looking for a good, not so expensive easel, then look no further, I've got you covered!  VOILA!

Art Supplies Winsor & Newton Bristol Easels

The Winsor & Newton Bristol Water Colour Easel!  Look at that!  It even comes with a handy little carry bag!  I love when things come in their own carriers!  Just like burritos!

Paint away my fellow artists!  I'll post some of my paintings if you share yours =)

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