Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sewing Machine Frenzy

Wow.  Never knew sewing machines were so intricate.  I just watched about 3 hours worth of videos on how to use a sewing machine and found some really helpful clips.  One lady used to repair sewing machines and walks you through all sorts of machines (in case you don't have a manual or don't know the make and/or model, like in my case, where I'm using the semi inherited machine circa 1960's).  Sewing machines are really fascinating!  If you've never used a machine before or need to dust off your seamstress skills, I'd advise you to check out some of these clips.  I feel ready and enlightened for my sewing adventures!  I know what a bobbin is!  And I know how to wind it!  Now if I can only figure out which hooks I need to use...In any case, if you're brand spankin' new to sewing, then check these out:

If you are already familiar with your machine but need help with threading the bobbin or machine, skip to video 4 & 5 (The intro to machines is pretty repetitive and long, but for someone that has never touched a machine before, I found it very helpful to know the parts and why they're there)

How to use your basic sewing machine 1 - An intro to a few different kinds of basic machines and parts
How to use your basic sewing machine 2 - A continuation of intro to machines and parts
How to use your basic sewing machine 3 - More explanations of parts on the machine and a tutorial on how to wind your bobbin
How to use your basic sewing machine 4 - This is a bit of a repeat of Video 3....sorry!  I think this skips the continued machine intro and goes straight to the bobbins
How to use your basic sewing machine 5 - This skips ahead to winding the bobbin on different kinds of machines

*Pam Cortese, The Place That Sells Sewing Machines

These videos are a bit of a repeat, but less intro to the actual machine, and more tutorial on how to use the machine.  I thought the video on basic sewing stitches was really helpful.

*Beth Bates, SewTeacher.com

It might be helpful to mix and match the videos according to your needs, just like you would thread and fabric!!

Hope this helps.  Now on to the sewing factory!!!

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