Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Welcome to Shiny Things!  To be quite honest, I started my first blog awhile ago, but it was extremely negative and I just couldn't keep it up.  So to add more color and sunshine to my life I've decided to start a blog of things I like, want, look at often, want to make, create, fix, love....Basically pretty shiny things that I think you would enjoy too.  It's just my way of spreading some of the love and positive energy, and hopefully get some creative juices flowing!

Instead of giving you a boring intro of myself, I would like to introduce to you something that is very representative of me...

My hands!  

On any given day my hands probably:

Y smell like dogs
Y have fading nail polish from rearranging my turtles' tank
Y have specs of acrylic paint under my fingernails and/or cuticles
Y have different colors of nail polish on each finger because I never get around to deciding on a color
Y have pretty ink marks from my colorful collection of pens and other awesome office supplies
Y will give a hearty hug, a cordial handshake or nice pat on the back depending on who you are
Y will give anyone at anytime an enthusiastic high five
Y are stuffing my face with some delicious meal...most likely a burrito...yummmm....
Y are fanning my sweaty face...I drink a lot of water and produce a lot of's a vicious cycle
Y are bruised from Muay Thai
Y are bent over backwards because I have bendy measly wrists
Y are not using the phone (I hate phones...txts are always welcome!!  Just no calls)
Y are not holding hands with or massaging my boyfriend (because I'm cold hearted like that...says the deprived man who loves me)
Y are typing 100 words per minute because I type A LOT
Y are pointing at pretty shiny things
Y are clapping out of joy or amusement 
Y are wiping away tears of laughter
Y have shiny rings!!  Which is today's topic!  

I love rings. Rings rings rings!  I love 'em.  They are fun, easy ways to jazz up any outfit or dress up the hands (the most active part of my body other than my eyes, and hopefully brain).  Just last month I went to the 'Buque (aka Albuquerque, New Mexico) with some of my dearest friends for the Balloon Fiesta (the biggest balloon fest IN THE WORLD!  Another topic coming up soon!) and on our way we picked up some really cool rings, which I can now add to my assortment of accessories.  Here are a few.  Most of my shiny things are really cheap and just things I picked up along this sparkling adventure called life.  

*Pictures courtesy of CLWS Photography

I hope you enjoyed them and come back to look at more shiny things!



  1. you forgot to mention that your hands are also frequently busy IMing me as we fuck around online alllll day. LOVE YOU!

  2. I am enthusiastic about consumption as well. Especially, when consumed items are shiny. I'd even buy shiny meat.

  3. Awesome! I love your blog!! I love shiny and happy things too! Good choice of photos - those were my favorites too. Especially the first one ;)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Patron Saint of Glitter, I would eat glitter if I could. Christa bought me glittery goo for my birthday last year and it was really hard to not pour it all in my mouth. I checked the label to make sure it was non-toxic in case of a very possible moment of weakness, but I decided to be smarter than the toy! CC has alerted me to glittery sprinkles at legit baking that could be bad news! Or REALLY GOOD NEWS!